This project has been born from a dream. With the will of people who believe that this life deserves to be lived in fullness and happiness.
We are in a delicate moment of our humanity. As Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see in the world".

A change in consciousness is needed. And this change begins from the inside of each individual. In ArtemisaBcn we accompany you with LOVE using Dance, Art and Music Therapy to learn practical tools and allow you to live a new, more meaningful life.

Through specifically designed activities, you will learn how to manage your emotions, thoughts and energy. You will learn to recognize how you feel, what you think and what you truly want. Because to be human, is to be made up of an infinite well of possibilities. And such possibilities can be expressed through creation.

Artemisabcn has been created with the intention to provide a safe and welcoming place. A place in which one is able to express themselves freely through Art to discover their true Being.

It is a Space to Grow and Evolve.

Who am I? Who do I want to be?

At Artemisabcn we believe that art, in all its expression forms, is the link that connects all the planes of our true being. Consequently, the Laboratories of Personal Development and Evolution DAM provide the necessary tools for participants to be able to express themselves artistically as they begin to reveal their WHOLE self.

The purpose of using such a diverse and creative therapy like Dance, Art and Music therapy, is to discover who we really are and what we would like to be. In this way, we transform our ideal desires into real goals and experiences.

This is achieved through artistic expression developed on the foundations of two theoretical-practical Ontological Guides.

Personal Development Laboratory

The Personal Development DAM Laboratories provides a therapeutic space to develop self-knowledge and an inner balance, both emotionally and physically.

We work with a diverse range of artistic resources (dance, theatre, music, imagery, paint etc) to achieve the targeted objectives within each session and across the whole patient’s therapeutic journey.

The combined methods of DAM provide a unique instrument to guide each individual to on their own path and become who they truly want to be.

However, we are aware that each individual has their own rhythm, time and personal journey. It is not always easy to open up your inner world to others. Consequently, DAM Laboratory wants to offer an intimate space for therapists to work on an individual or group basis. These personalized DAM sessions are focused on discovering, identifying and achieving the individual’s true personal goals and objectives.

General Objectives of the Personal Growth Laboratory DAM - Dance, Art and Music Therapy

  • Provide a therapeutic space for personal growth
  • Facilitate self-knowledge
  • Reduce anxiety and stress
  • Increase self-esteem
  • Develop emotional Intelligence
  • Improve quality of Life
  • Improve personal relationships
  • Develop a sense of inner peace and balance
  • Promote emotional-physical-spiritual-psychic well-being

Our activities are developed for everyone and anyone; regardless of sex, age, or nationality. We use all the necessary tools and resources from artistic expression that enables the individual to significantly improve their Quality of Life and Live a Fuller Life.

Before attending a DAM Lab, a FREE one-one phone talk with the therapist is required.

The packs are valid for 90 days









Enrica Tifatino

Music Therapist; Drum Circle Facilitator; Trained in Italy in Art Therapy, Dance and Expression of the Movement; Degree in Philosophy, specialization in Theater and Theatrical Techniques; Cultural Journalist; Writer Teacher in the Master of Music Therapy and Creative Therapies of Isep – University of Vic.

Gustavo Plafnik

Degree in Programming and Systems Design; Social Educator, trained in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Journalist, philosopher and writer.