Who is Dance, Art and Music therapy for?

All the activities and therapeutic methods developed in Artemisabcn are suitable for any individual; regardless of sex, age, or provenience. As the principle objective in our workshops is that all participants come to discover and develop their own sense of Wellbeing and Balance through their journey of Personal Growth.

This is why in each Activity, general goals and personal goals are set.


The only way to transform what is already into something new is to understand it first.

The Laboratories and Workshops focus on the following Specific Areas:

Health and prevention

  • Mental and physical health
  • Depression, anxiety, Low self-esteem, fears, managing emotions
  • Developing and Maintaining a sense of Well-being and Quality of Life

Individual and Group DAM Laboratory (with Personal OBJECTIVES)

Before starting the Laboratory each individual will have discussed their own real and achievable objectives with the therapist, which will be worked towards throughout the whole process.

We will promote Creativity to resolve internal conflicts and significantly improve Quality of Life; repairing the past and re-creating the future. Through the use of Art, one will learn new ways of expression and communication, leading to a greater level of Personal Wellbeing.

DAM PRE-NATAL Pregnant women

A laboratory designed to accompany future moms in learning and exploring the changes of their own body and emotions. At the same time, promoting the child’s intelligence, well-being and building the Bond between the mother and child. Through artistic expression, we provide future babies and their parents a welcoming and protected place to foster a harmonious family.

Laboratory suggested from the 3rd month to the 9th month of gestation.

DAM for couples & family

The DAM laboratory for couples or family is designed, not just for couples or families, but for the relationship of any two or more people in need of resolution, renewal and building a positive future relationship.

This involves weekly sessions, in which different communication methods will be used to address the personal issues of each participant and resolve the problem together.



  • Children with and without difficulties
  • ADHD and other attention deficit issues
  • Children / Adolescents experiencing social and/or emotional problems
  • Learning and communication problems
  • Difficulties in personal relationships

DAM Laboratory for children (between 4 and 10 years old)

The DAM Children’s Laboratory offers a therapeutic space for personal growth and developing positive interpersonal relationships, specifically designed for their age.

Through Play, Games, Art, Support and interaction amongst the children themselves, this Laboratory facilitates self-awareness and self-knowledge in order to develop their own sense of balance and healthy development into adolescence and adulthood.

Specific objectives are achieved during each session and throughout the entire process through the use of varying artistic resources (dance, theater, music, images, painting …)

The objectives of the DAM Children’s Laboratory are;

  • To create a safe place for personal growth
  • To use new ways of expression through Art
  • To eliminate destructive behavior
  • To learn new forms and methods of communication
  • To promote personal Well-Being
  • Develop a non-violent, compassionate language and attitude
  • Reduce aggressive behaviour

To take part in DAM for children, it is essential that parents or caregivers meet for a one-one talk beforehand.

DAM Laboratory for Adolescents (between 11 and 17 years old)

The DAM for adolescents is designed specifically for adolescents experiencing difficulties and concerns about the time we are living in.

Through identifying their individual needs, objectives are agreed upon. These may be problems with aggressive behaviour, lack of attention and concentration, difficulties in personal relationships etc. Of course these sessions are also suitable for adolescents who are also generally interested in the arts and wish to embark on a of Personal Growth using artistic resources.

To attend a DAM Adolescent Lab it is essential that parents or caregivers meet for a one-one talk beforehand.

GERIATRIC Music Therapy

The objetives in Music Therapy Gariatric are:

  • Encourage and maintain memory and attention
  • Express emotions through music
  • Generate secure trust links
  • Encourage and maintain a positive attitude towards life