Music Therapy For Peace – Music and Art for change
"Social violence is often the expression of the dissatisfaction experienced by a sector of the population that is deprived of the right to be part of that society and culture of well-being to which they are entitled to"
(Petrus, A. 1997)

We are living in a time of political, economic and social instability. With violence and conflicts being the consequences of such instability. They say “if you want peace, get ready for war”.

But there are always more people who are rebelling against this reality.

Music Therapy for Peace was created with the desire to develop future projects in which Dance, Art and Music Therapy can offer a new and effective alternative to solve such problems and promote a more Just World.

The world needs peace and a more fair society. The pain and suffering of innocent people should not be accepted when the world is shouting desperately for peace. Whether it’s painting, dance, drama or music. Art is a reflection of our internal tendencies. Consequently it is the ideal field for the development of personal expression and communication with oneself and with others.

Art promotes one’s inherent creativity and allows the individual to use their own resources to be live a life of quality, meaning and joy. Indeed Classical music and poetry used to be used as a tool to express and harness it’s relationship with harmony and health, as it was even used as a form of anesthesia during sickness and illnesses.

Consequently, Art is a necessity for every human being. It is a vehicle for expression and enables you to leave your trace on this world. Its’ richness lies in all the possibilities it has to offer, not only as a universal language, but as the possibility for true liberation and communication. In such convulsive times, there is an imminent necessity a new therapeutic approach in which Art is used as a channel and indispensable vehicle for communication, expression and promotion of Peace.

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