• We believe in the need to free thought in order to find one’s true self.
  • We believe in the practice of individual, non dogmatic beliefs, to temper the spirit.
  • We believe that the Arts are the most effective and true vehicle for communication with oneself.
  • We believe the unique harmony of nature. We intend to replicate its’ beauty by using spaces and the environment to encourage participants to re-discover themselves and connect to their true essence.
  • We believe that in order to help the planet, first we must help the human beings that are living on it.
  • We believe that there is a time for everything, but also, that now is the time to act.
  • We believe in evolution. And at this time of such inequality and unrest, the only way forward is via individual change and growth, which can then lead to forming a COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUS.
  • We believe in equality and that every individual is capable of reaching a higher level of knowledge and being.

Consequently, our methodology is composed of experimental LABORATORIES that allow people to learn and nourish themselves with the knowledge necessary to evolve as human beings.

The DAM Laboratories are based upon 2 ontological guides; “The Map of the Self” and “The Mirror of the Self”. Both guides share the same objective for all the participants; the development and evolution of their true self and harmonization of relationships.

Ontological guides


To work with us individually from a distance!

Using our methodology of Personal Development through “THE MAPY OF THE SELF”

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The Map of the Self

How we become lost. Doubt. Map of the Self. The 4 planes and dimensions that make up the Self. Similarities and differences. Synchrony. The emotional Plane. Learning to recognise emotions. The Mindl Plane. Identification of positive and negative thoughts. The conscious and unconscious. The spirit and soul. Our essence. Our beliefs. Moral Honesty vs Self-deception. Spiritual Harmony. How to avoid falling into the dogma. The relationship between the mind and the heart, The dynamic generator of our energy. The Silence of the Mind. The Receptive state. How to take care of your physical plane through the other planes. To truly live in the present. How to reach the state of full Consciousness. How to generate empathy. The courage of Acceptance. Who am I. The analysis of Compassion. The Wisdom of valuing ourselves. The real change. Emotional Intelligence. Taking control of your life. Who I want to be. To Reach our Dreams and Goals.

The Mirror of the Self.

Relationships; the mirror that reflects ourselves. How to decipher the elements that make up our relationships. The difference between egocentric and balanced relationships. The egotistical vision vs the universal vision. The need for solitude. Banishing Myths and Archetypes. The joy of solitude. Communication between beings. Knowing how to listen to be heard. The need for consensus in pursuit of Harmony. Character weaknesses and their effects on relationships. How to overcome weaknesses. Compromise and receptiveness, the “ears” to our soul. Tolerance and patience, beacons of humility. The Here and Now of relationships. How to let go of the past. Letting go of resentment. Similarities and differences between acting and reacting. Taking initiative: Action. How to protect the individuality of the Self from the forces of relationships. Balanced and harmonic relationships, from utopia to reality.