Postgraduate in Creative and Artistic Therapies
One intensive Saturday / Sunday per Month

Our Training Program in dance therapy, art therapy and music therapy includes, in addition to the face-to-face modules includes; practical hours, experiential activities, individual tutorials, supervisions and specialized job contacts endorsed by

This integral training provides and prepares the individual to integrate and master DAM as a methodology for personal growth and evolution. It requires commitment, humility and consistency in one’s personal work and education. The training enables you to work as a Creative Arts Therapist in any field in the future. It is a long and intense process that requires true dedication.

The Academic component of the Postgraduate Course is almost two years and is taught by qualified teachers in-person one Saturday / Sunday per month. Outside the classroom, you must also allow for individual and group work, preparation of your final research project and presentation of this work.

To begin the Postgraduate course, you must  complete the Experiential Intensive Training in Creative and Artistic Therapies. It is also compulsory to receive a form of personal/group Therapy during this time.

The learning process and the methodology is primarily experience-based and the theory is accessed from the experience itself or vice versa. Classes are taught through observation and direct experience. Each student will be assigned individual or group assignments. The student must also carry out practical volunteer work in a suitable institution or association. We have contacts in order to help you organize this.

Each Postgraduate modules include: practical experiential workshops, theory and supervision. In order to obtain the Postgraduate degree, one must attend all of the face-to-face modules, complete the designated assignments and complete a final research project on the application of the techniques during your practical work. The attendance, participation and completion of all the works is part of the continuous evaluation process.

The Postgraduate in Art Therapies is a comprehensive training provided by Artemisabcn whose objective is to provide every student with all the available tools and preparation for their future professional career. The Postgraduate Degree in Creative and Artistic Therapies, will allow you to work independently as an expressive therapist and collaborate as a co-therapist with music therapists, art therapists, and dance therapists in a multidisciplinary team.


Directed to university graduates, or students of the last year of degree, in Psychology, Psychopedagogy, Pedagogy, Medicine, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Teaching and Social Work, and students and professionals from other disciplines related to the world of art , dance, music, theater, or health.


  • To have completed the Experiential Training in Creative and Artistic Therapies
  • Theoretical and Experimental knowledge in the Arts
  • Diploma or Degree. Other qualifications are considered depending on one’s

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The program consists of a total 18 modules, practical volunteer work, supervision and a final project. The total accreditation is 60 ECTS * credits8

* European Credit Transfer 1 ECTS credit equals 25 hours of student work completed.

Master’s degree with ECTS credits assessment system, adapted to the European Higher Education Area.